The 1965 Pacific hurricane season ran from June 1 to November 15, and the storms listed here are done so based off observations. Therefore, the data is incomplete, and relies on reports from significantly populated areas, or ships that rode out the storms as a result. Other storms have their peak intensities estimated, using the wind-pressure relationship, satellite imagery, or the damage they caused if they made landfall in a populated area. There were 11 tropical depressions, 10 tropical storms,and 2 hurricanes this season.


Name SSHWS category 1-min winds Pressure
Victoria Tropical Storm 60 mph 997 mbar
Unnumbered Tropical Depression 30 mph 1008 mbar
Wallie Category 1 hurricane 80 mph 986 mbar
Bernice Tropical Storm 50 mph 1002 mbar
Claudia Tropical Storm 50 mph 1000 mbar
Doreen Tropical Storm 50 mph 1000 mbar
Emily Category 1 hurricane 90 mph 977 mbar
Florence Tropical Storm 50 mph 1000 mbar
Glenda Tropical Storm 50 mph 1000 mbar
Hazel Tropical Storm 50 mph 1000 mbar


  • Estimated pressures not using the wind-pressure relationship are marked in bold

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