The 1972 Pacific hurricane season was an above average event in the yearly formation of tropical cyclones in the eastern and central Pacific Ocean. This page will document my opinion on intensities during the season after seeing the information needed to form this opinion. This may include Dvorak numbers, Tropical Cyclone Advisories and reports, and any observations made during the tropical cyclone personally if it made landfall. Based on this summary, there were 18 tropical depressions, 14 tropical storms, 8 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes.


Name SSHWS category 1-min winds Pressure
Annette Category 1 hurricane 85 mph 981 mbar
Two-E Tropical Depression 30 mph 1008 mbar
Three-E Tropical Depression 30 mph 1008 mbar
Bonny Tropical Storm 60 mph 997 mbar
Celeste Category 4 hurricane 130 mph 945 mbar
Diana Category 2 hurricane 110 mph 965 mbar
Estelle Category 1 hurricane 80 mph 985 mbar
Fernanda Category 3 hurricane 125 mph 948 mbar
Gwen Category 3 hurricane 130 mph 941 mbar
Hyacinth Category 3 hurricane 125 mph 950 mbar
Iva Tropical Storm 50 mph 998 mbar
June Tropical Storm 60 mph 998 mbar
Two-C Tropical Depression 30 mph 1009 mbar
Joanne Category 2 hurricane 100 mph 965 mbar
Kathleen Tropical Storm 45 mph 1002 mbar
Three-C Tropical Depression 35 mph 1007 mbar
Ruby Category 1 hurricane 80 mph 980 mbar
Liza Tropical Storm 50 mph 1000 mbar
  • A bold name indicates a storm that developed in the central Pacific

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