The 2017 Pacific hurricane season is a currently active event in the yearly formation of tropical cyclones in the eastern and central Pacific Ocean between the central American coast and the International Dateline north of the equator. This page will document my opinion on intensities during the season after seeing the information needed to form this opinion. This may include Dvorak numbers, Tropical Cyclone Advisories and reports, and any observations made during the tropical cyclone personally if it made landfall. Based on this summary, there has been 4 tropical depressions, 4 tropical storms and 1 hurricane so far.


Name SSHWS category 1-min winds Pressure ACE
Adrian Tropical Storm 45 mph 1002 mbar 0.5275 units
Beatriz Tropical Storm 45 mph 1002 mbar 0.4425 units
Calvin Tropical Storm 40 mph 1004 mbar 0.2450 units
Dora Category 2 hurricane 100 mph 973 mbar 4.4125 units
Eugene Category 3 hurricane 120 mph 955 mbar 7.8325 units
Total ACE 13.4600 units