Date Category 1-min winds Estimated pressure Summary
October 1-3, 1994 Subtropical Storm 45 mph 995 mbar The storm was noted by NHC forecaster Jack Beven as an interesting storm with 45 mph, which were spread out up to 150 nmi from its center. The system was of warm core origin, likely making it a subtropical cyclone as a result.
December 22-26, 1994 Category 1 subtropical cyclone 80 mph 970 mbar The storm formed whilst attached to a frontal system on December 19, before detaching from the front and passing over the Florida Peninsula as convection fired over the center. Continuing up the eastern coast, the low intensified to hit a pressure of 970 mbar on December 23-24 as it passed off the Carolina coasts, and moving towards Nova Scotia as a rapidly weakening cyclone, becoming fully extratropical again by December 26. Wind gusts reached 100 mph along the Carolina coasts, likely suggesting peak 1-min winds of about 80-85 mph.

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