Tropical Storm Beatriz was a pesky, unexpectedly hard to forecast system that existed in the extreme eastern Pacific during late May and early June 2017. The system originated from the interaction of a tropical wave and the monsoonal trough from May 26. Quickly developing, it consilidated into a tropical depression by 1500 UTC on May 31, before unexpectedly becoming a tropical storm 24 hours later as it was nearing landfall in Acapulco State, Mexico. During its existence, the storm dropped heavy rains along the areas affected, bringing as much as 15 inches of rain over some areas over the coast as it enhanced the monsoon trough to the southeast. A total of 7 people died during the storm, before Beatriz weakened to a tropical depression early on JUne 2, weakening to a remnant low several hours later over the mountains of Mexico. On June 3, the mid and upper level remains of Beatriz emerged into the Bay of Campeche, where they were monitored due to continued land impacts, before the system dissipated within an environment of hostile wind shear on June 5, contributing to the formation of another, larger system that went on to bring heavy rainfall and severe thunderstorms to the Florida Peninsula.

SSHWS category 1-min winds Pressure Location Date and time ACE generated
Tropical Depression 30 mph 1007 mbar 13.9N, 97.8W 31/05/2017 1500 UTC N/A
Tropical Depression 30 mph 1007 mbar 13.9N, 97.6W 31/05/2017 2100 UTC N/A
Tropical Depression 35 mph 1006 mbar 14.5N, 97.4W 01/06/2017 0300 UTC N/A
Tropical Depression 35 mph 1006 mbar 15.2N, 97.1W 01/06/2017 0900 UTC N/A
Tropical Storm 40 mph 1005 mbar 15.4N, 97.1W 01/06/2017 1500 UTC 0.1225
Tropical Storm 45 mph 1004 mbar 15.5N, 96.8W 01/06/2017 2100 UTC 0.1600
Tropical Storm 40 mph 1005 mbar 16.0N, 96.5W 02/06/2017 0300 UTC 0.1225
Tropical Depression 35 mph 1006 mbar 16.5N, 96.3W 02/06/2017 0900 UTC N/A
Total ACE 0.4425 units

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