Tropical Storm Calvin was a well anticipated tropical cyclone that developed from a trough of low pressure associated with the local monsoonal trough. On June 9, an area of low pressure developed in association with this area of disturbed weather, and it is estimated that Tropical Depression Three-E developed by 2100 UTC on June 11 a few hundred miles to the south of Mexico. Struggling against dry air and high shear, the depression was slow to organise as it failed to maintain any significant deep convection near its center, which even became exposed at one point. However, the following day, the system stalled in an area of favourable conditions, and was able to make a comeback, and at 2100 UTC, it became the 3rd named storm of the season, Calvin. The newly formed tropical storm began to move slowly to the north-northwest, and made landfall several hours later as a minimal tropical storm, spreading heavy rains over areas not long affected by Beatriz less than 2 weeks earlier, and causing more life threatening flash flooding in those areas. Continuing to move inland, Calvin weakened to a tropical depression briefly, before weakening to a remnant low as it's low level circulation dissipated over the mountains of Mexico.

SSHWS category 1-min winds Pressure Location Date and time ACE generated
Tropical Depression 35 mph 1007 mbar 14.5N, 95.0W 11/06/2017 2100 UTC N/A
Tropical Depression 35 mph 1007 mbar 15.2N, 94.9W 12/06/2017 0300 UTC N/A
Tropical Depression 35 mph 1006 mbar 15.4N, 95.4W 12/06/2017 1500 UTC N/A
Tropical Storm 40 mph 1005 mbar 15.5N, 95.5W 12/06/2017 2100 UTC 0.1225
Tropical Storm 40 mph 1005 mbar 16.0N, 95.8W 13/06/2017 0300 UTC 0.1225
Tropical Depression 30 mph 1008 mbar 16.3N, 96.3W 13/06/2017 0900 UTC N/A
Total ACE 0.2450 units