Tropical Storm Cindy was another unusual tropical cyclone that later became subtropical as it approached it's landfall in Louisiana. Originating from a monsoon trough that developed in the northwestern Caribbean Sea on June 16. Over the next few days, the disturbance gradually intensified, and on June 19, the NHC began issuing advisories on the system as Potential Tropical Cyclone Three, as it was a threat to the central Gulf Coast. I have estimated that Tropical Storm Cindy developed at 1500 UTC on June 20, after it's circulation became better defined. However, as the system moved towards the Gulf Coast, I consider the system to have become subtropical, mainly due to the influences of higher shear, and dry air coming out from the ridge that developed over the southeastern United States. Subtropical Storm Cindy weakened on June 21 as it approached the coast, and made landfall as a minimal subtropical storm around 0700 UTC, before weakening to a subtropical depression 6 hours later as it moved through Louisiana. Although the WPC continued to issue advisories on Cindy as a tropical cyclone due to it's increased flood threat, I consider the system to have become post-tropical after the 2100 UTC advisory, with this system dissipating the next day after being absorbed by a frontal zone. During it's life, Cindy was responsible for 12 inches of rain over parts of low lying Louisiana, which caused life threatening flash flooding, claiming two lives in the process.

SSHWS category 1-min winds Pressure Location Date and time ACE generated
Tropical Storm 40 mph 999 mbar 25.9N, 90.5W 20/06/2017 1500 UTC 0.1225
Tropical Storm 50 mph 997 mbar 25.7N, 90.6W 20/06/2017 2100 UTC 0.1600
Tropical Storm 60 mph 996 mbar 26.4N, 91.0W 21/06/2017 0300 UTC 0.2500
Subtropical Storm 60 mph 995 mbar 27.3N, 91.9W 21/06/2017 0900 UTC 0.2500
Subtropical Storm 50 mph 994 mbar 27.6N, 92.6W 21/06/2017 1500 UTC 0.2025
Subtropical Storm 50 mph 993 mbar 28.2N, 93.2W 21/06/2017 2100 UTC 0.2025
Subtropical Storm 50 mph 993 mbar 28.6N, 93.4W 22/06/2017 0300 UTC 0.2025
Subtropical Storm 40 mph 992 mbar 29.9N, 93.6W 22/06/2017 0900 UTC 0.1225
Subtropical Depression 35 mph 994 mbar 31.0N, 93.5W 22/06/2017 1500 UTC N/A
Subtropical Depression 30 mph 999 mbar 31.9N, 93.7W 22/06/2017 2100 UTC N/A
Total ACE 1.5125 units