Tropical Storm Colin was an extremely disorganised tropical storm that took the record for the earliest 3rd tropical storm in an Atlantic hurricane season on record. The storm's origins can be traced back to a tropical wave that emerged from the coast of Africa on May 27. Moving quickly westwards with no significant organisation, the system managed to organise into Tropical Depression Three on June 5 near the Yucatan Peninsula. Moving put into the Gulf of Mexico, it is estimated that it became Tropical Storm Colin about 3 hours later, becoming the earliest 3rd tropical storm on record in the process. After moving further into the Gulf of Mexico, Colin began to struggle with increasing shear, and its circulation become less and less defined as it headed for the Florida coast. It is estimated that Colin reached a peak intensity of 50 mph, and a minimal barometric pressure of 1000 mbar, around 1200 UTC on June 7, before the circulation began to detach from its surrounding convection. Therefore, it is estimated that Colin became post tropical at this point, before becoming fully extratropical the following day after moving over Florida and effecting the east coast. During its life, Colin was held responsible for 6 deaths, and $1.04 million in damages.

Colin 2016